Expert Education for Naturopathic or Functional medicine doctors


Fertility Symposium 2020

Looking to expand you fertility knowledge, look no further. In this course you will learn several aspects to help support your patient's ability to optimize their fertility and maintain their pregnancies.


Autism 101

Learn how to support and treat your patients on the autistic spectrum using the bio-medical approach. Dr. Sonya Doherty ND will teach you about methylation, toxins and diet that will allow you to more effectively communicate and treat your patients


Methylation 101

Understanding the SNP's involved in methylation and their nutritional treatments will assist you in individualizing your patients care to optimize both their short and long term health.


Heavy Metals 101

Learn how to effectively assess and support treatment for patients with heavy metals. This course is important for doctors seeing patients dealing with chronic disease, ASD, ADHD and for optimizing patients health before getting pregnant.


Chronic infections 101

Chronic infections such at Lyme disease, EBV, Strep (as seen in PANDA's) are impacting the health of countless patients in your practice. Symptoms can vary significantly and present as other typical conditions, learn how to identify and treat them.


Organic Acid Testing 101

In this course you will gain in depth knowledge of the Organic Acid Testing and how it'comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health can give an insight into items such as of intestinal yeast and bacteria.